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In Joomla!, a Component is a major part of the overall functionality of the CMS. It is generally an application, or process, that enables content or information to be created and controlled. A Component sits on top of, but integrates closely with, the Joomla! Framework itself.

Typical examples of the types of Component available within the Joomla! core installation are:

  • Content
  • Banners
  • Administration
  • News Feed
  • Front Page
  • Web Links
  • Menu

Some of these add functionality to the Front-end, of Joomla! whilst others, the Back-end. This list is by no means exhaustive as Joomla! typically installs more than 40 Components on a standard installation. The output from Components, that run in the Front-end, can usually be found in the main content area of the displayed page. Those for the Back-end will generally be shown in the main content area of of the Administrator workspace.

Many of these will be covered by specific pages within these Help Screens, but for the others, check out the Forums, or just have a look at them. Components are found in two locations in the joomla_root/ directory tree:

  • joomla_root/administrator/components/


  • joomla_root/components/

The first deals with Component packages that add functionality to the Administrator Back-end, and the second, to the Front-end of Joomla!.

A Component package is identified by the com_componentname naming structure and contains a mix of files, of types: PHP, CSS, XML, and HTML. Every package will have an index.html file. There are generally at least 3 files in each.

A Component will generally packaged together in a compressed archive file format (ZIP or TAR.GZIP) and will be installable through the automatic Installer in the Back-end. Occasionally this is not possible and a package must then be unzipped and manually loaded. See Install new Component / Installed Components

In addition to the Components provided within the Joomla! core installation, there are many (many) more that are created and maintained by third party developers. Most of these developers record their work on the Joomla! Extensions Directory where, currently, there are more than 600 Components available!

note icon NOTE: Most of these are free but there are some Commercially produced products that require payment before downloading, or to license/register their use.

Components integrate closely, not only with the Joomla! framework, but often with Modules and Mambots as well.

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