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There is no generic Module - Editor screen, however, there are some key elements that recur throughout all the Edit [module-name] screens that this screen addresses.

The Modules are edited within the Component Type: com_modules. However, each of the Modules created are associated with a specific Module Type. This is designated as mod_module-name. Both of these element Types will be listed in these Help Screens.

The edit function within all of these Modules has certain common elements, these are:

  • Access
  • User Level
  • Toolbar
  • Details
  • Menu Items - There are no opportunities to add Administration Modules to Menus.

Each of these elements are repeated in all of the the Help Screens purely for completeness.

The key difference between each Module is the Parameter settings, as it is these that relate to the specific functions of an individual Module.

The following table shows all the Admin Modules that are installed, by default, by Joomla! Select the relevant Module to see the specific Parameters of it.

Joomla! Administrator Modules
Module Manager [ Administrator ] Admin Module: New
Admin Module: Edit [ Logged ] Admin Module: Edit [ Components ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Popular ] Admin Module: Edit [ Latest Items ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Menu Stats ] Admin Module: Edit [ Unread Messages ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Online Users ] Admin Module: Edit [ Quick Icons ]
Admin Module: Edit [ System Message ] Admin Module: Edit [ Pathway ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Toolbar ] Admin Module: Edit [ Full Menu ]

note icon NOTE: If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this Help screen then please post them in the Suggestions, Modifications, and Corrections forum in the Documentation Work Group.

Thank you!


The User Documentation Team

Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 March 2007 )
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