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FTP account details


Joomla!'s new FTP Layer feature has been introduced to overcome perennial problems that have been experienced by many Linux/Unix host Users in the past where there are file write permission issues with the Users Host Provider particularly on Shared Hosting servers. This can significantly affect the installation of new Extensions or writing to the configuration.php file.

Using the FTP Layer eliminates the need to make directories and files writable and thus improves overall security of the installation and server. It also makes the site administrators job a lot easier!

Note: The FTP Layer is not required on localhost installations or on Windows or Mac OSX based host/server services as the file write protection is handled differently. As stated above this is primarily required on Linux Shared Hosting where access to change user permissions is not given.

Localhost installations do not require the FTP details to be included. 

If you do not want, or are unable, to complete these details at this stage they can be added/edited through the Control Panel->Site Menus->Global Configuration screens at a later time.

It will also be advisable if you are intending to use the new FTP layer facility of Joomla! to have your FTP details available.

These are:
  • username – The name you enter to actually access your Joomla! Web site root directory through an FTP client program. For a Web site on a remote hosting server the host may have provided you with a specific ID related to your account. This will be for the whole of your Web server and you should set up a separate FTP account for access to this Joomla! site root directory only.

    • Your FTP username:

  • password – the password you enter to confirm your identity and therefore access the Joomla! Web site root directly with the FTP client program. This should be different to that which may have been set by your hosting company for the main Web server, where applicable.

    • Your FTP password:

  • host – the URL address of the FTP server for access to your Web site. If you are running this on a local machine (non-Windows only) then this address will typically be If you are using a remote host it may be a specific address that the host sets or a URL related to your Web site

    • Your FTP host:

  • port – generally most FTP servers utilise port 21 and this is the default setting that Joomla! assumes

    • Your FTP port:

  • root – this is the Joomla! root directory within your Web server that the FTP client is required to open into by default. Obtain the full path detail to this directory.

    • Your FTP root pathway:

It is important to note that if you run more than one Web site on your server the root directory will change - the other four settings will not necessarily have, or on shared hosting likely be able, to change.

Once these details are collated you are ready to proceed with the installation.

Last Updated ( Monday, 26 November 2007 )
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