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Web Browser Installation
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Step 2 - Pre-installation Check

The next screen is Joomla!'s confirmation of what you hopefully already know if you followed the earlier advice of using phpinfo(). The screen shows whether your server meets all the necessary criteria to successfully complete the installation.

Pre-Installation Check Screen
Pre-installation Check Screen


If any of the responses in the first section are set to No (with the exception of the configuration.php being writable) you should rectify the situation before attempting to continue with the process as these represent the essential requirements for the installation. Failure to do this may cause your Joomla! Web site to function incorrectly, or require you to carry out additional procedures at the end of the standard browser installation.

The most common error that Users encounter is that the configuration.php file is not writable. See the section on Error Handling for details on how to correct this issue later in the guide.

The second block of settings indicate certain specific variables within the PHP code base configuration. Whilst these are recommended, Joomla! will still install but there will be more to do later on and there is a risk that your Web site would be open to malicious assault if you did not rectify them These settings may be adjusted at any time. The first column shows the recommended settings and the second those that are identified within your server.

We will detail some of the common problems and solutions in the Error Handling section at the back of this manual rather than blur the picture at this stage. The Error Handling section will be completed once Joomla! 1.5 final is released.

You do not have to exit the installer in order to change a setting. Once you have made a change simply click the Check Again button to reassess the situation. It is also possible to return to the Language Choice screen by clicking the Previous button.

When everything is set as required, click the Next button.

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