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The Joomla! Documentation Working Group is running a project to develop detailed reference and tutorial material on Joomla! 1.5 templates.  There is a project page on the documentation wiki where you can see the work in progress and help us by contributing your knowledge.

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Content Item: New or Edit
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Item Details 

Title: Enter a name for this Item as you would like it displayed at the top of the published page. It is possible to set whether this Title will display or not within the Parameter settings.

Title Alias: Enter a short name for this Item. 

Section: Select the Section from the drop down list to which this new Content Item will be assigned. The Section must have been created before the Content Item and Category. This list will only display those Sections that relate to Content Items.

Category: Select the Category from the drop down list to which this new Content Item will be assigned. It is essential to have already created the Section and Category before the Content Item. The drop down list will only display those Categories that belong to the Section selected in the previous box.

Intro Text: (required) This message on the screen reaffirms that a Content Item must have content entered into the Intro Text field below. Without this content it will not be possible to Save the Content Item. It does not matter whether there is text entered in the Main Text field or not you must have content within the Intro field.

The Intro text is the abbreviated version of a Content Item that is shown within Blog and Front Page listings with a Read More navigation link to access the full content as added to the Main Text.


The Intro field of the Content Item New/Edit screen is the area where the actual content is entered that will appear in the finished page. In particular this field is the Introductory (or lead-in) text used by Joomla! as the 'headlines' for the Front Page and as the text used in Blog style pages to introduce an article.

Every Content Item created must have content in this field.

Main Text:

The Main Text field is an optional, additional area for the actual content of a Content Item. It is used to hold the main story or article that the Content Item is about. If the Intro is used to hold the complete article then this field is redundant.

If it is used then a Read More... link will be added automatically to the end of the Intro section of content in the finished article that a User clicks to access this section from a Blog or 'headline' style page.


The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor is the means by which the text is entered into the Content Item.

Joomla! installs the TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor Mambot by default. In addition, there is the option to use a plain text editor by selecting the No WYSIWYG Editor Mambot. The choice of editor can be made on a personal level by each User via their personal details page in the Front-end if allowed. The default can also be set Globally within the Global Configuration Menu.

Other WYSIWYG editors are also available.

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