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The Joomla! Documentation Working Group is running a project to develop detailed reference and tutorial material on Joomla! 1.5 templates.  There is a project page on the documentation wiki where you can see the work in progress and help us by contributing your knowledge.

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Additional Features:


Insert page breaks into lengthy documents to make them more easily readable without the User having to keep scrolling down the page. Locate the cursor at the point where the page break is to be inserted and enter the code mos_p-break-1. This functionality is controlled by the Mambot MOS Pagination. A contents table is then added to each page to aid navigation.

Alternatively, click the p-break_ic insert page break icon. The code mos_p-break-1 will appear in the text. This functionality is added by the Mambot MOS Pagebreak Editor Button.


Insert image placeholders into a Content Item using the code mos_image. The Image is then configured within the Images Tab of the Parameters Menu. This functionality is added by the Mambot MOS Image.

Alternatively, click the Insert Image Iconinsert image icon. The mos_image code will appear in the text. This functionality is added by the Mambot MOS Image Editor Button.

See the Images Tab of the Parameters Menu below for details on configuring the image.

In addition to using the mos_image tag, most content editors have the ability to insert images as might be considered 'normal' in a word processor program. See the Help Screens on individual editors for details.

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