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The Joomla! Documentation Working Group is running a project to develop detailed reference and tutorial material on Joomla! 1.5 templates.  There is a project page on the documentation wiki where you can see the work in progress and help us by contributing your knowledge.

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WCAG Checklist
Priorities explained
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Explanations / To Do
The following is the W3C's checklist applied to Joomla 1.0. WCAG's requirements can sometimes be open to "interpretation". This checklist applies only to the core Joomla install, not to any 3rd Party Component (this will be addressed in another document).

Many of WCAG's requirements are outside of Joomla! development team. Some requirements must be filled by the template designer. Some other requirements need to be addressed by the content manager. As such, Joomla! will offer the ability to make WCAG compliant sites, but will not guarantee that sites created using Joomla! will be compliant.

We have used the following text to denote the status of each item in the checklist:

  • OK: Means this is a requirement that can be achieved via Joomla!
  • To Do: Means this is a feature that the development team needs to include in future releases of Joomla!
  • Not Core ( OK ): Means this requirement is outside the control of the development team (e.g. template or content focus)

Note that some requirements have been marked as both To Do and Not Core ( OK ). Those instances denote that the Joomla! engine may be producing content that needs to comply, but that generally it is outside the hands of the development team.

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