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com_admin (task sysinfo)


menu=>System=>System Info

User Level:

Super Administrator


Information Tab php_info_ss Permissions Tab
Information Tab PHP Info Tab Permissions Tab

System Information Screens


The information is displayed in a tabbed format with three main sections of content.

System Information Tab:

This an overview of the essential settings of the web server and associated software together with details of the current essential access settings of the Joomla! site. The settings displayed are as follows:

PHP built On: Provides the details of the principle operating system upon which the web server and thus Joomla! are running.

Database Version: Provides the current version of the MySQL database used by the installation of Joomla!.

PHP Version: Provides the current version of the PHP server side script that is being used for this installation of Joomla!.

Web Server: Provides the current type and version of web server upon which the installation of Joomla! is running.

Web Server to PHP interface: This is the script that permits interaction between the Apache web server and the PHP scripting language. In the case of the attached screenshots the handler is an Apache mod_perl script. http://perl.apache.org/

Joomla! Version: Provides the detail of the current installed version of Joomla!. It is recommended that this is always the most current, stable release. Currently version 1.0.12.

User Agent: This is a summary of the current users local machine operating system and browser information. This information is used for creating the unique session ID for access and functionality within the Joomla! web site.

Relevant PHP Settings: These are the general access and configuration requirements of specific PHP settings. If any of these is highlighted as incorrect then prompt action should be taken to rectify the situation.

Configuration File: This display the content of the current Joomla! configuration.php file stored in the main joomla_root/ directory. This is the file produced when Joomla! was first installed. It is the file where most changes in the Global Configuration section of Joomla! are recorded. None of the settings can be edited directly from this page.

PHP Info Tab:

The PHP Info Tab is the output of an integrated php.info script built into Joomla!. It displays the full configuration of the PHP server side scripting language that Joomla! runs on, together with all the associated system information that goes towards the creation of the web server.

PHP is installed, and runs on the server (hence the server side above), and therefore all the settings are made on the server. The visitor to the web site does not need to have anything special running on their local machine in order to view/use any of the extra functionality that PHP gives to the web site.

All the settings that are ever likely to be needed are displayed here. Any changes that are required would be made within the php.ini and other files on the web server.

How much control a web site owner has over this information depends on whether they own the server or if the server host is flexible in their customer approach.

It is a good practice to know the limitations of a particular server installation and this screens output is key to that information gathering operation.

For full details on the information contained within the PHP Info screen visit: http://uk2.php.net/phpinfo.

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