Link Tag
<patTemplate:link src="help" />

This tag is always empty and contains no html code. It can be used to display parts of your HTML code at mutiple positions in your generated page. You can use it to define the layout of a horizontal divider once and use it often in your page. When the layout needs to be changed, you just have to change it once. It is like the include statement in PHP.


src (required)

The name (or source) of the template you want to link to. The template may also be in a different file, as long as you parsed this file, too.


<patTemplate:tmpl name="page">
Here is some help <patTemplate:link src="help">
<!-- A HELP LINK -->
<patTemplate:tmpl name="help">
  <a href="help.html">
Last Updated ( Friday, 01 April 2005 )