Joomla Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

This ERD has been enhanced with notes and select sample data from the default Joomla database.  It utilized the Information Engineering (IE) notation methodology.  The ERD is provided in .pdf format. 

 The ERD is available here.


  • The ERD is enhanced with snippets of example data to help illustrate the contents of the tables.  The select statements typically exclude some columns.
  • The ERD is organized into functional sections.  This was only done for informational purposes only.  All tables are created in the Joomla database.
  • Joomla allows you to determine the prefix for your Joomla tables.  The default is  'jos'.  The model assumes that the default was used.
  • This ERD assumes a Mysql database (the default as of Joomla 1.x).  In the future, other databases will be supported, and some datatypes will vary. 
Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 December 2005 )