Tabular data in Joomla!

Will Joomla! ever be 100% tableless? No!

You'll argue and say that tables are evil. Many would agree with you. But tables are necessary to display tabular data. As such, Joomla! will continue to use tables where appropriate.

At this point, the only place in the front end where tables are planned are when displaying all articles in a category. For example, the following tables (no formatting applied).

Date Title Author Hits
Three articles listed
1 January 2005 Imaginary article Joe Q Public 1247
15 December 2004 Another invented title Bob Smith 655
7 October 2005 On a roll Andrew 2450

The table above is properly formed as shown in the code below. Please note that for the purpose of this example, I have include <tfoot>, which is the table footer. We are unlikely to use the table footer for this type of table. Also note that in the code, the table footer gets displayed above the table body, but the browser should interpret it properly and displays it below the table body.

<table  summary="This table lists all articles in this category, with creation date, 
authors and number of hits.">
       <th id="hDate">Date</th>
       <th id="hTitle">Title</th>
       <th id="hAuthor">Author</th>
       <th id="hHits">Hits</th>
       <td colspan="4">Three articles listed</td>
       <td headers="hDate">1 January 2005</td>
       <td headers="hTitle">Imaginary article</td>
       <td headers="hAuthor">Joe Q Public</td>
       <td headers="hHits">1247</td>
       <td headers="hDate">15 December 2004</td>
       <td headers="hTitle">Another invented title</td>
       <td headers="hAuthor">Bob Smith</td>
       <td headers="hHits">655</td>
       <td headers="hDate">7 October 2005</td>
       <td headers="hTitle">On a roll</td>
       <td headers="hAuthor">Andrew</td>
       <td headers="hHits">2450</td>
Last Updated ( Thursday, 22 December 2005 )