Finding Help

We recognize that those coming to this Help Site have differing levels of experience, varied backgrounds, and perspectives shaped by their particular role in working with Joomla!. In order to help reach each type of person searching for answers here, we have divided up the content we are offering on this Help Site; reading the description of each type of Help Guide will help direct you towards the specific area of help you are looking for.

  1. User Manual:

    The User Manual is meant to be a very basic guide to help those who are simply trying to use Joomla!, rather than those who are administrating Joomla!-based sites or are developing Joomla! tools. It is geered to those who are new to Joomla! and does not require a high level of technical understanding. We recommend that Joomla! Administrators take a look at the User Manual as well as their own, in order to see the Joomla! Content Management System as it appears to their users.

  2. Administrator Manual:

    This guide is a bit more complex than the User Manual, and is intended for those who are in charge of the Administration of a Joomla!-based web site. It provides a tour of the Administrator (Back-end), with explanations of each of the menu items in the Administrator area. It also goes through the Help Screens which are available to Administrators as they are setting up their sites, and shows each Help Screen individually.

  3. Glossary:

    The Joomla! Glossary is a tool that is useful to everyone involved with Joomla!, regardless of their role or level of experience. It serves to define and explain the use of many terms associated with Joomla! and with related technological concepts. The Glossary is always a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions for words to be added to it or for definition changes.

  4. Editorial Style Guide:

    This is a guide created to help those volunteering to write, edit, or proof-read the Joomla! documentation to have consistency in style. It also provides general helpful advice for improving writing and editing skills.

  5. Developers:

    This site is not geared towards Developers of Joomla! tools or for those seeking a higher level of technical knowledge. For the Developer Manual and other helpful guidelines, including information about code, CSS classes, templating, PHP, etc. please go to

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