Modules: What are they?



Modules are smaller elements within the Joomla! structure, used to display retrieved database data, information items, or interactive features throughout a Joomla! web site.

There are two types of Module:

  • Site Modules - These are used to provide functionality for the Front-end of the web site.
  • Administrator Modules - These are used to provide functionality for the Back-end of the web site.

The main characteristics of the Modules in both instances are determined by pre-established positions, set within Site and Administrator templates. Each Module also has its own configurable settings that are accessible via either the Site, or Administrator, Module Manager=>module_name.

Examples of Modules that can be developed are Menus, Login Forms, and Search forms.

Joomla! is installed with a number of Modules, please see the Related Information section below for details.

Creating new Modules

Simple HTML Modules can be created directly within the Module Manager using the Custom User Module. For more complex functions the Modules will need to be developed externally and then installed via the appropriate Module Manager.

Further details on creating Modules for Joomla! visit the Joomla! Developers Portal where you will also find the Developer Documentation Work Group.

Third Party Modules

There are literally hundreds of Modules (over 600 @ Jan 2007) - along with Components, Mambots, and templates - already programmed for Joomla! These have been written by various Joomla! community members. You will find them on the Joomla! Extensions Directory, .

Generally these are free and available for download. There are also some of the more specialised Modules that are available Commercially for a charge.

Related Information:

The following lists show the Modules that are installed for a standard Joomla! Core web site:

Joomla! Site Modules
Module Manager [ Site ] Site Module: Edit [ Banners ]
Site Module: New Site Module: Edit [ Main Menu ]
Site Module: Edit [ Statistics ] Site Module: Edit [ Syndicate ]
Site Module: Edit [ Polls ] Site Module: Edit [ Wrapper ]
Site Module: Edit [ Search ] Site Module: Edit [ Top Menu ]
Site Module: Edit [ Popular ] Site Module: Edit [ Latest News ]
Site Module: Edit [ Newsflash ] Site Module: Edit [ Random Image ]
Site Module: Edit [ User Menu ] Site Module: Edit [ Other Menu ]
Site Module: Edit [ Login Form ] Site Module: Edit [ Template Chooser ]
Site Module: Edit [ Archive ] Site Module: Edit [ Sections ]
Site Module: Edit [ Related Items ] Site Module: Edit [ Who's Online ]
Joomla! Administrator Modules
Module Manager [ Administrator ] Admin Module: New
Admin Module: Edit [ Logged ] Admin Module: Edit [ Components ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Popular ] Admin Module: Edit [ Latest Items ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Menu Stats ] Admin Module: Edit [ Unread Messages ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Online Users ] Admin Module: Edit [ Quick Icons ]
Admin Module: Edit [ System Message ] Admin Module: Edit [ Pathway ]
Admin Module: Edit [ Toolbar ] Admin Module: Edit [ Full Menu ]

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