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com_categories /moveselect


menu=>Content=>Category Manager->move


Quick Icon=>Category Manager->move

User Level:

Manager; Administrator; Super Administrator.


Move Category
Move Category


The Move Category screen is displayed when the Move icon is selected from the Category Manager [Content All]. It allows a specific Category, or multiple Categories, to be moved into a different Section. When the Category is being moved, all of its appended Content Items are moved as well. If the Content Items are not required to be moved, or are not required at all, this is handled by the Content Item Manager.



Save: Click the Save icon, after the target Section has been selected from the drop down list of existing Section, to complete the transfer of the Category and all of the appended Content Items.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current move session and returns the display to the Category Manager screen. The Move session will be completely lost and must be restarted - if needed.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.


Move to Section: Select the Section name, from the displayed list of current Sections, to where the Category, and all of its appended Content Items, is to be moved. Then click the Save icon.

Categories being moved: This column displays a list of the Categories that will be moved to the target Section selected above.

Content Items being moved: This column displays a list of the Content Items, contained within the Categories being moved, that will also be transferred to the target Section selected above.

note711_smallNOTE: It is not possible to edit either of the last two fields from within this screen.

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