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Help Screen
Help Screen 1.0.12


The Help Screen is partly an example of the use of a Wrapper. When connected to the Internet it defaults to the Joomla! Help Site where it accesses the information that is being read right now. But it does not have to point to the Help Portal, it could point to a different web site or another location within the current web site.

The URL, that Joomla! uses to direct the Help enquiries, is set in the Global Configuration->Server Tab. This option allows a customised in-house Help system to be configured as well as allowing alternative language translations of the Help pages.

Menu Bar:

Glossary: The Glossary has been repaired and updated for Joomla! 1.0.12.

Credits: The linked page is a redirect to the Work Group and Core Team information pages.

Support: General links to the forums and key Portals within the Joomla! Community

License: The GNU/GPL license. The main GNU web site. The main Joomla! Help Site for User and Administrator documentation. Developer, Template, and Installation documentation is available separately at the Joomla! Developer Network.

Changelog: This link opens the current Changelog included with the current, local Joomla! installation.

System Info: This link opens the local Joomla! installation System Information screen.

Latest Version Info: This link opens the Latest Version Information page on the main Joomla! web site in a new browser window.

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This section lists all of the available Help Screens on the Help Portal of Joomla! This information used to be installed along with the system for local access but these files were unmaintained so it was thought better to remove them for the Joomla! 1.0.12 release.

The current Help Screens may well be released as an addon/patch in the near future. A decision is still pending on this though. 26 Dec 2006.

Wrapper Frame:

The central pane of the Help Screen is a wrapper in which the various selected Help Screens or web pages are displayed whilst maintaining the various Menus around the outside.

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Help Site:

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this Help screen then please post them in the Suggestions, Modifications, and Corrections forum in the User Documentation Work Group.

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Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 May 2007 )