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In Joomla! a Web Link is a URL to an external site but with an associated Category for better organisation, a descriptive title rather than just the web site name, and a description and/or review of the web site to which it is directed. All of these elements are then displayed in a specified location on the Joomla! Front-end.

Web Links can be submitted by any Registered User, but they can only be published to the Front-end of the web site by an Administrator or Super Administrator in the Back-end. This ensures a level of monitoring that the submitted site is appropriate and in keeping with the overall objectives of the web site. It also allows a check to make sure it is properly categorised and that it contains a useful description of the target web site.

Web Links can be created and edited utilising the screens within the Web Link Manager, how it is displayed in the Front-end is controlled by the use of the Menu Item shortcuts that are created from a Menu to the target display page.

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