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In the context of this Component, a Contact is a specific named individual or group of individuals within the web site that a User is can refer to.

The details provided may be the real identity and information of a person or a dummy generic name such as Web Master, or Administrator, for example. The information and details that are presented to a User in the Front-end are customisable in the Contact Manager.

Before any Contacts can be added however, it is necessary to create a Contact Category. This may simply be Contact as in the standard Joomla! installation, or more specific for example: Sales, Marketing, R&D, Web Site, ...

Create a link to a single Contact using the Menu Item: Link - Contact Item, or to a group of individual Contacts within a specific Contact Category using the Menu Item: Table – Category Item. It is also possible, as in the Joomla! installation, to create a Menu Item: Component – Contact this will create a list of all the Contact Categories.

The way in which the details are displayed are managed within the Menu Item itself, the details that are displayed are managed within the Contact Category and the Contact itself.

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