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If you know what news you want to read and you know when you want to read it or, as in this case, the news you want to display on your web site to keep your Users informed, then News Feeds are for you!

Many web sites, including Joomla!, allow the syndication of their news, blogs, and other online content, these are then collected and collated by a news feed reader - also known as an aggregator in tech' speak.

This all means that a User can read news from any number of web sites without actually having to visit the web sites in question. Anyone can set up a news feed reader of their own either on their Desktop or within their web Browser.

Joomla!'s News Feed reader collects the news feeds from the sites specified within the News Feed Manager and then, through the News Feed Module and a Menu Item Link allows the news to be published on the Front-end of the web site for the Users of the web site to see and choose the links they want to read. This is an ideal facility for web sites to link to pages relating to the topic or theme of their web site and so enhance the experience that their visitors will gain.

A news feed is created in XML format and is supplied in the form of RSS, RDF, or Atom feeds. The feeds are typically shown as being available by the use of standard icons news_feed_1_ic, news_feed_2_ic, news_feed_3_ic. These may appear on the page being viewed but also within the Browser being used. For example, in Mozilla Firefox the news_feed_1_ic icon appears in the address window, whereas, in IE7 a notice that the feed is available appears in the toolbar.

RSS is the acronym for Rich Site Summary.

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