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Mambots are essentially code snippets or mini-programs which, when called via various parameters, either activate a program, a script, or perform a specific function upon a Component or the database. These actions are invariably undertaken before any output is made to an appropriate Module for display either in the Front-end or the Back-end of the web site.

They can be as simple as a function that inserts typed text as code upon clicking a button, for example the insert image button that enters the mos_image code in to a Content Item, to fully fledged Third Party libraries for example, the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.

There are in essence two types of Mambot - those that are critical to the functionality of the core program of Joomla! and others that add extended/optional functionality to core or Third Party programs.

Mambots are divided into 5 types, or categories, that may be displayed by filtering in the filter field:

  • content - these Mambots act upon, or add to, the functionality of Content elements of the Joomla! CMS.
  • editors - these Mambots are quite substantial extensions in their own right that add significantly to the functions available within Joomla! - typical examples would include the TinyMCE WYSIWYG and No WYSIWYG text editors.
  • editors-xtd - these Mambots extend the functionality of the editors that are installed within Joomla!
  • search - These Mambot add the search functionality to specific areas of the Joomla! CMS. For example, Content, Sections, and Contacts, amongst others.
  • system - these Mambots are essential to the operation of various functions within the Core Joomla! CMS. They can rarely be accessed or edited as other Mambots can be and therefore control over Publishing and Unpublishing and even installation, are not made available within the Administrator Back-end.

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The following is a list of all Mambot functions that are included with the standard installation of Joomla!, and the associated Help Screens that are available.

 Mambot Manager [ Site ]  Edit [ E-mail Cloaking ]  Edit [ Search Web Links ]
 Site Mambot: New  Edit [ GeSHi ]  Edit [ Search Contacts ]
 Edit [ MOS Image ]  Edit [ Load Module Positions ]  Edit [ Search Categories ]
 Edit [ Legacy Mambot Includer ]  Edit [ MOS Pagination ]  Edit [ Search Sections ]
 Edit [ Code Support ]  Edit [ MOS Image Editor Button ]  Edit [ Search News Feeds ]
 Edit [ SEF ]  Edit [ MOS Pagebreak Editor Button ]  Edit [ No WYSIWYG Editor ]
 Edit [ MOS Rating ]  Edit [ Search Content ]  Edit [ TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor ]
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