Information & Changelog: 11 July 2007

Hi all,

What's this about?

As many of you will have noticed we are in the process of updating the Administration Section of the Help Portal for Joomla! version 1.0.x. to bring it bang up to date for Joomla! 1.0.12.

Well the good news is most of the work has now been completed. There are now 177 Help Screens. More than 1600

A dump file pack is being prepared for the Help Screens for use by Translation Partners.  This is nearing completion.

Items Marked **NEW** have been completed apart from the inevitable typo errors and minor changes that always come to light after the release - I suppose bug fixes. 

We are concentrating on the Help Screens for now and will be releasing these in other formats for both development and offline printing use. Note: There may be a size issue with regard the actual number of pages that the planned PDF file will comprise making it impractical to produce a worthwhile document, this is currently under review. 

The online Administrator Manual will be updated to 1.0.12 in due course.

The User Manual will now also be updated to 1.0.12 as well. Work has now commenced on this too.

The User Manual 1.0.12 will be available online for the first time in its current format. 

Change Log:

11 July 2007    Updated MySQL password comments in Global Configuration->database tab 

4 July 2007     Amended Content Item and Static Content Item for inclusion of definitions of Details - thanks dingdong

15 Apr 2007    Amended Section Manager and other Manager Screens

17 Mar 2007    Updated GeSHi Mambot page following suggestion from pikepace

15 Mar 2007 The Help Screens for 1.0.12 are now to all intents and purposes completed apart from minor fixes as they are found. A dump file has now been released and is available on the Joomla! Code site primarily for the Translation Partners. Thanks to Brad Baker and Jean-Marie Simonet for their assistance in this final part of the jigsaw.

Work will continue to complete the HTML file pack in due course. 

07 Mar 2007 HTML checking has been completed as far as possible. A dump file pack is in preparation for translation teams to use. This is currently nearing completion and final testing.

25 Feb 2007 Further work is continuing to be done to complete the HTML clean up and sort out some links that have been broken, and some amendments of images. Many thanks go to Leadict for his continuing proof reading efforts.

15 Feb 2007 HTML and layout clean up on first three menus.

15 Feb 2007 Screen images in first three Menus all replaced with screenshots from 1.0.12.

11 Feb 2007 All Help Screens completed subject to further proof reading and clean up.

11 Feb 2007 Mambot Menu Completed to 1.0.12.

11 Feb 2007 Site Mambot MOS E-mail Cloaking, Site Mambot GeSHi, Site Mambot Load Module Positions, Site Mambot Mos Pagingation, Site Mambot No WYSIWYG Editor, Site Mambot TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor,Site Mambot MOS Image Editor Button,  Site Mambot MOS Page Break Editor Button, Site Mambot Search Content, Site Mambot Search Sections, Site Mambot Search Categories, Site Mambot Search Contacts, Site Mambot Search News Feeds, Site Mambot Search Web links, completed.

10 Feb 2007 Site Mambot Manager [ Site ], Site Mambots New/Edit, Site Mambot Legacy Mambot Includer, Site Mambot MOS Image, Site Mambot Code Support, Site Mambot SEF, Site Mambot MOS Rating, completed

09 Feb 2007 Module Menu Completed to 1.0.12.

09 Feb 2007 Admin Module Quick Icons, Admin Module System Message, Admin Module Pathway, Admin Module Toolbar*, Admin Module Full Menu completed

08 Feb 2007 Admin Module Popular, Admin Module Latest Item, Admin Module Menu Items, Admin Module Menu Stats, Admin Module Unread Messages, Admin Module Online Users, completed.

07 Feb 2007 Module Random Image, Module Who's Online, Module Login, Module Search, Module Manager - Administrator, Administrator Module - New, Administrator Module Logged, Administrator Module Component, completed

05 Feb 2007 Module Wrapper, Module Related Items, Module Polls, Module Newsflash completed

04 Feb 2007 Module Archive, Module Template Chooser, Module Statistics, Module Syndicate, completed.

03 Feb 2007 Module Latest News, Module Popular, Module Sections, completed. All completed screens updated with the new Forum address for 1.0 Documentation.

01 Feb 2007 Module Manager: Site Modules: Edit, Module Manager: Site Modules: New, Module Manager: Site Module: Edit [ Banners ], Module Manager: Site Module: Edit [ Main Menu ], Site Module [ Main Menu ], Site Module [ User Menu ], Site Module [ Top Menu ], Site Module [ Other Menu ] completed.

30 Jan 2007 Module Manager - Site, Module Manager/Edit. completed.

29 Jan 2007 Modules - What are they? completed

29 Jan 2007 Component Menu Completed to 1.0.12.

29 Jan 2007 Web Link Manager, Web Links Add/Edit, Web Links Category Manager, Add/Edit Web Link Category completed.

28 Jan 2007 Polls What are they?, Poll Manager, Poll Manager New/Edit, Syndication, Web Links - What are they?, completed

27 Jan 2007 Mass Mail, News Feeds - What are they? News Feed Manager, News Feed Manager : New / Edit, Category Manager [ Component: News Feed ], Category Component News Feed New/Edit completed.

26 Jan 2007 Contact Manager New/Edit, Category Manager [Component: Category], Contact Category New/Edit, completed 

23 Jan 2007 Contacts - What are the? Contacts Manager, completed.

22 Jan 2007 Banner Manager Add/Edit, Banner Client Manager, Banner Client Manager Add/Edit Client, completed

21 Jan 2007 About the Joomla! Extensions Portal added to Appendix. Banners - What are they?, Banner Manager, completed Global Configuration, updated.

20 Jan 2007 Components - What are they?, completed

19 Jan 2007 Content Menu Completed.

19 Jan 2007 Front Page Manager, Archive Manager, Page Impressions, completed.

18 Jan 2007 Category Manager : Category New/Edit , Category Manager - Copy, Content Manager - Move, completed.

17 Jan 2007 Section Manager, Section Manager: Copy Section, Section Manger: New/Edit Section, Category Manager [ Content: All ] Completed

16 Jan 2007 Content Item New/Edit, Content Item : Move, Content Item : Copy, Static Content Manager, Static Content Item Add/ Edit, completed Content Item Manager updated

15 Jan 2007 New screens in the Admin Manual Appendix: Support, Credits, Glossary, CC License, What's New in 1.0.x, Helpful Information 1.0.12. Following a suggestion from a forum poster (sorry name/post lost) asking for the version to be stated on the Help Screens, a new icon1012_doc_icon has been added to all the updated pages indicating that they have been updated to v 1.0.12.

15 Jan 2007 Sorry for the delay in further updates due to major computer rebuilds!YellYell

7 Jan 2007 Content Item Manager completed

6 Jan 2007 Menu menu Completed to 1.0.12

6 Jan 2007 Menu Items Table - Web Link and Link - URL completed . Menu Items Content What is it?, Content by Section completed.

5 Jan 2007 Repaired broken links and added new/updated content to Support, Credits, and Glossary 1.0.12,  in the Administration Manual Appendix. The links are to the Help Screen in the Core files.Menu Item Table News Feed Category completed to 1.0.12.

4 Jan 2007 Menu Items Link Content Item, Link Static Content Item, List Content Section, Link News Feed, Table - Contact Category, Table - Content Category Completed.

3 Jan 2007 Menu Items Submit Content, Separator / Placeholder, Link - Component Item,  Link - Contact Item Completed to 1.0.12. Other Screens updated where found to be necessary.

1 Jan 2007 Menu Item Blog - Content Section Archive 

31 Dec 2006 Menu Items Blog - Content Section

30 Dec 2006 Menu Items Blog - Content Category, Blog Content Category Archive, Wrapper completed

29 Dec 2006 Menu Item Component Front Page completed

28 Dec 2006 Installers Menu Completed to 1.0.12

28 Dec 2006 Install Mambots, Install Modules, Install Components Completed. Install/Uninstall Components, Modules and Mambots Updated.

27 Dec 2006 Messages Menu Completed to 1.0.12

27 Dec 2006 Messages Inbox, Messages Configuration , Install new Template [ Site ], Install new Template [ Admin ], Install new Language Completed.

26 Dec 2006  Help Menu and System Menu and, Home Menu completed to 1.0.12

26 Dec 2006 Version Check, System Info. Administrator updated to 1.0.12.

25 Dec 2006 Joomla! 1.0.12 released with new links added to Help Screen - Thanks RobS and Chris Davenport

24 Dec 2006 Menu Items News Feeds and Login/Logout completed. Basic Template added to all menus.

23 Dec 2006 Administrator Back-end completed. 

22 Dec 2006 HTML clean up on a  number of pages. Add/Edit Menu Item News Feeds completed.

21 Dec 2006 This log created!! Add/Edit Menu Item Component Web Links, Contacts, Search, Polls, Completed.

20 Dec 2006 Home & Menu screens are currently being completed

19 Dec 2006 Key references completely updated to help with access from future 1.0.12 release. This will be from the Menu bar Help button in the Administrator - individual screens will still point to their legacy pages but we have now included a Related Information section to every page that links to other Help Screens on the same subject, plus other resources.

Site section of Help Screens completed - final proof reading in process.

Existing document links checked and (most) broken links fixed - let us know if you find any that aren't.

Template designed and being implemented for the layout of all screens. 

New Help Screens created to ensure as complete a coverage of the Administrator screens as possible.

Existing Help Screens moved to their new homes.

New Help Screen Sections Created based on the Administrator Menu Bar.

Updating project commenced November 2006.


note icon NOTE: If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this Help screen then please post them in the Suggestions, Modifications, and Corrections forum in the User Documentation Work Group.

Thank you!


The User Documentation Team


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