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User Level:

Super Administrator.


New Private Message


The Private Messaging Inbox displays any messages that other administrators or Joomla! itself have sent to the Super Administrator, and permits the Super Administrator to send messages to other administrators.


Private Messaging - New

Send: Click the Send icon to transmit the message to the stated recipient. The message can not be sent unless there is content in all three fields. See below.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current editing session and returns the display to the Private Messaging screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.

New Message Details:

To: Enter the name of the administrator to whom the message is to be sent.

Subject: Enter the subject title pertinent to the message being sent.

Message: Enter the main body of the message.

note icon NOTE: Individual administrators can access their Private Message Inbox by clicking on the mail_ic Incoming Message icon on the Information Bar at the top of the Administrator.

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