We are now ready to proceed with the actual installation of the Joomla! program onto the Web server.

There are two ways of installing Joomla! The first – Web Browser Installation - can be considered easier than the second - Manual Installation - really as a result of the number of steps that are required.

Either will work with a little patience and concentration to detail.

Do not try to use both methods of installation, or part of one and part of the other for the same installation as this will cause you problems.
The only likely exception to this will be the installation of the Sample Data. If you choose not to install this initially during the Web Browser Installation, but then decide you want it after all, you can add the Sample Data provided no other content has been added since the installation took place even if you have subsequently deleted that content.
In this instance it would be easier and safer to re-install the package from the beginning, having first deleted the directory and database.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 31 October 2007 )