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menu=>Mambots=>Site Mambots->Edit

User Level:

Administrator; Super Administrator


Site Mambot:
Edit [ Search Content ]


Mambot Type: search

File name: content.searchbot.php

This Mambot allows the search functionality to be extended to all Content/Static Content Items.



Save: Click Save to save any changes made during the current editing session, and return to the Mambot Manager screen.

Apply: Click Apply to save any changes made so far in the current session, but remain in the Mambot screen to continue editing. Once the editing session is complete click Save as above.

Close: Click Close at any point to end the current editing session and return to the Mambot Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced, or since the last time Apply was clicked, will be lost.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current creation session and returns the display to the Mambot Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost and the new Mambot will not have been created.


Name: Enter a name for the Mambot. The name is used by the Mambot Manager to identify it in its display list of all Mambots.

Folder: Select one of the five Mambot classifications, from the drop down list, that this Mambot is to be assigned to. Once selected, and the Mambot is saved for the first time, this field is not editable.

Mambot file: Enter the name of the .php file, within the joomla_root/mambots directory, that this Mambot is created from.

Mambot Order: This function allows the position for this Mambot in the order of all Mambots within the Mambot Manage to be changed. This function becomes active once a Mambot is saved for the first time.

Select the position, from the drop down list of all installed Mambots, where this Mambot is required to be placed. The current Mambot at that position will shift down a position upon saving. The order can also be changed directly within the Mambot Manager.

Access Level: Identify which User Group level can view this Mambot. Select from Public, Registered, or Special. See User Access Levels for further details on these.

Published: Select No or Yes to set whether the Mambot is Published.

Description: Enter a description of the Mambot that explains its function in the open text field. The text will be displayed within the Administrator Back-end only and is for future reference purposes.


Search Limit: Enter the maximum number of search results that should be reported following a successful search. Default is set to 50 (fifty).

Static Content / NonMenu: Select No or Yes to set whether Static Content Items and Items not associated with any Menu should be included within the Items that are searched.

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