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menu=>System=>Global Checkin

User Level:

Super Administrator.


Global Check-in Result Screen


When a User edits a file, Joomla! changes the file's status to Checked Out (represented by the checked_out padlock icon). The file is locked and only the User who has checked it out can modify it. This is a safety/security feature that prevents two Users from editing an Item at the same time, thus preventing the loss of any data upon saving.

A Content Item remains "Checked Out" until the User clicks Apply, Save, or Cancel while editing it. Once saved, the Content Item is Checked In. However, if there's a connection error, such as when the User presses the browser's Back icon, or they choose another Menu Item without saving or cancelling the work in progress, the Content Item remains Checked Out. This means no one else can edit it.

Using the Global Checkin will unlock all Items that are currently Checked Out across the whole site. It can only be performed by a Super administrator. The action commences as soon as the Menu Item is clicked.

Joomla! returns a list - similar to that in the screenshot above - showing how many items, and from which tables, were checked back in.

warning_711_small WARNING:  Performing a Global Checkin while documents are open for editing will result in data loss. All Checked Out Items will be checked in, and any unsaved changes will be lost.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 09 April 2007 )