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menu=>Menu=>Menu Manager=>menuname=>new



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Administrator; Super Administrator.


Add Menu Item


The Menu Manager - Add Menu Item is the gateway screen to configuring a new link in the current Menu, by adding the appropriate Menu Item.



Next: Select the radio button next to the type of Menu Item to be created. Click the Next icon. A new screen will open with the name Add Menu Item :: menu_item_name.

For information on the Details and Parameters of the particular Menu Item, view the Help page associated with it. See Menu Item Types below for links to the appropriate Help Screens.

note711_small NOTE: A Menu Item type can be changed by clicking the corresponding back_tb_icon Back icon in the next screen and selecting a different Menu Item type, before again clicking the Next icon. Once the new Menu Item is saved this cannot be changed. So if the wrong one is chosen the only way around this is to start again.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current editing session and returns the display to the Menu Manager [ menuname ] screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.

The Menu Items are presented as 4 groups in this screen. Each group lists a specific kind of Menu Items. Some of them may be present in more than one group.

Menu Item Types

Here is a list of available Menu Items(some Menu Items appear in more than one list).

Click the Menu Item to get specific help:

Menu Item Types:

Content: Component: Miscellaneous: Links:
List - Content Section Table - Web Link Category Separator / Placeholder Link - Component Item
Submit - Content Component Wrapper Link - Contact Item
Link - Static Content Link - Contact Item   Link - Content Item
Link - Content Item Link - News Feed   Link - News Feed
Blog - Content Section Archive Table - Contact Category   Link - Static Content
Blog - Content Section Table - News Feed Category   Link - URL
Blog - Content Category Archive Link - Component Item    
Blog - Content Category      
Table - Content Category      

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