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Manager; Administrator; Super Administrator.


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Move Menu Item


This option moves a Menu Item, or multiple Menu Items, from one Menu to another. The Menu Item will be displayed in the Menu Manager - Menu Item list of the new host Menu. It will be listed with the same name. This can be edited after the move is completed. The Menu Item will retain its original ItemID.

Any sub-menus that are attached to the Menu Item will be transferred at the same time, and will retain their hierarchical structure.



Move: Click the Move icon, after the target Menu has been selected from the drop down list of existing Menus, to complete the transfer of the Menu Item.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current move session and returns the display to the "donor" Menu Manager [ menuname ] screen. The Move session will be completely lost and must be restarted - if needed.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.


Move to Menu: Choose the Menu, to which the selected Menu Item(s) are to be moved, by clicking on the name in the displayed list of all Menus.

Menu Items being moved: This is a simple non-editable list of the Menu Item(s) that have been selected in the Menu Manager to be moved. Click the Move icon to complete the move session and return to the Menu Manager [ menuname ]

Menu Item Types:

Content: Component: Miscellaneous: Links:
List - Content Section Table - Web Link Category Separator / Placeholder Link - Component Item
Submit - Content Component Wrapper Link - Contact Item
Link - Static Content Link - Contact Item   Link - Content Item
Link - Content Item Link - News Feed   Link - News Feed
Blog - Content Section Archive Table - Contact Category   Link - Static Content
Blog - Content Section Table - News Feed Category   Link - URL
Blog - Content Category Archive Link - Component Item    
Blog - Content Category      
Table - Content Category      

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