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menu=>Components=>News Feeds=>Manage News Feeds=>News Feed Manager->New (or Edit)

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News Feed: New News Feed: Edit


The News Feed Manager New, or Edit, icons allow the creation of a new News Feed link or the modification of an existing News Feed link.



Save: Click the Save icon to save any changes made during the current editing session, and return to the News Feed Manager screen.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current News Feed creation session and returns the display to the News Feed Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost and the new News Feed will not have been created.

Close: Click the Close icon at any point to end the current editing session and return to the News Feed Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.


Name: Enter the name that will be displayed identifying the News Feed to Users in the Front-end, and the News Feed Manager.

Category: Select the News Feed Category that this News Feed is assigned to.

Link: Enter the URL/code of the originating site for the News Feed that is being created.

Number of Articles: Enter the number of individual articles that will be displayed in the Front-end display for this News Feed.

Cache time: Enter the number of seconds that will elapse before the web site will update the News Feed by sending a new request to the originators web site, and then overwriting the Cache file on the web site. The default setting is 3600 seconds (one hour).

Ordering: Select the position, in the News Feed display page, that this News Feed will occupy. Selecting First will always ensure this News Feed is at the top of the display and listings. Selecting Last will always ensure it is the final News Feed in the display and listings.

Published: Select either the No or Yes radio buttons to set whether the News Feed is published and therefore actively available in the Front-end and updating the Cache as set above.

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