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Poll: New Poll: Edit


The Poll Manager New, or Edit, icons allow the creation of a new Poll or the modification of an existing Poll within these screens.



Preview: The Preview icon is only available in the Edit screen. Clicking the Preview icon opens a pop up display window of a functional display of the Poll as it would appear in the Front-end of the web site.

Save: Click the Save icon to save any changes made during the current editing session, and return to the Poll Manager screen.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current Poll creation session and returns the display to the Poll Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost and the new Poll will not have been created. Not available in the Poll: Edit screen.

Close: Click the Close icon at any point to end the current editing session and return to the Poll Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost. Not available in the Poll: New screen.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.


Title: Enter the name, topic, or question that the Poll is about in this field.

Lag: Enter the time, in seconds, that must elapse before a User is permitted a further vote on the same Poll. Set a very high number to prevent frequent multiple voting by the same Users.

The following may be of use:

  • 3,600 = 1 hour;
  • 86,400 = 1 day; (the default)
  • 604,800 = 1 week;
  • 2,419,200= 4 weeks;
  • 31,536,000 = 1 year!

Published: Select No or Yes to set whether or not this Poll is published and therefore available to be shown or listed in the Module Polls or Menu Items target display page.

Options: There are a possible twelve entries that can be entered as responses to the Poll Title. Enter as many as is needed (just ensure there are at least two!). Try to keep the responses concise.

note icon NOTE: It is possible to add to these options (up to the maximum of twelve) after the Poll has been saved/published. Options must not be deleted from the Poll otherwise the data collected up to that point will be corrupted.

Earlier versions of Joomla had a fault in the coding which led to a MySQL error message being generated if there were less than two options created before the Poll was saved. This has now been corrected.

Show on Menu Item: Select the Menu Item display page upon which this Poll will be shown. The same combination must also be selected in the Module mod_polls. Without the Module also being configured, to match the Poll, the Item will not display. The Poll can be configured to appear on more than one Menu Item display page.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 09 April 2007 )