Writing a Mambot
Mambots are able to be triggered to perform at nominated locations in the execution of the Joomla script. At present these locations are few but will grow as the new framework for mambots matures. Mambot files are also loaded only once and a function is registered to be triggered on a particular event.

There are currently five documented event triggers for mambots:

  • onPrepareContent
  • onSearch
  • onInitEditor
  • onGetEditorContents
  • onEditorArea

All events require different arguments to be passed to them. This is explained in more detail below.

Mambots are also saved in groups under the /mambots directory. You will see all mambots relating to the searching are in the /mambots/search directory and those relating to content (mosimage, etc) are in the /mambots/content directory. When the search component is invoked, all the mambots in the 'search' group are loaded. Similarly, when content is to be displayed, all the mambots in the 'content' group are loaded.

Let's look at how you would write mambot for each of the supported events in the next section.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 September 2006 )