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Site Module: Edit [ Wrapper ] Wrapper Display


Module Type: mod_wrapper

The Wrapper Module wraps another web page directly into the web site at a specific location as determined by the Module Position and the Pages Items section below. The web page is inserted as an Inline Frame (also called an Iframe) into the web site layout template.

This can be used to display another web site, but also alternative pages from within the web site it is installed upon, as well as allowing completely independent applications and scripts to be run on the web site and output their displays/information as if an integral part of the web site.



Preview: To check the appearance of the current Module in a browser-style window, click the Preview icon. A pop-up display page will appear. Close the pop-up by clicking anywhere upon it.

Save: Click Save to save any changes made during the current editing session, and return to the Module Manager screen.

Apply: Click Apply to save any changes made so far in the current session, but remain in the Module screen to continue editing. Once the editing session is complete click Save as above.

Close: Click Close at any point to end the current editing session and return to the Module Manager screen. Any changes made since the session commenced, or since the last time Apply was clicked, will be lost.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.


Title: Enter a name for the Module being created. This will be displayed at the top of the Module display page - if the option to Show is selected below. The Page Title is also used by the Module Manager to identify it in its display list.

Show title: Select the No or Yes radio button to set whether the Title, entered above, will be displayed or not in the Front-end of the web site.

Position: Select the position in which this Module will be displayed, from the drop down list of all available Positions. These positions are determined by the Template in use and the menu=>Site=>Templates=>Module Positions screen.

Module Order: This option allows the place for this Module in the order of all Modules that are assigned to this Position in the Template to be set, and therefore its place in the Front-end display of the Template.

Access Level: Identify which User Group level can view this Module. Select from Public, Registered, or Special. See User Access Levels for further details on these.

ID: The unique Module Identification Number that Joomla! (MySQL) has assigned to the Module.

Published: Check this check box to Publish the Module. If there is no check mark in the check box, then the Category is Unpublished.

Description: Enter a description of the Module that explains its function in the open text field. The text will be displayed within the Administrator Back-end only and is for future reference purposes.


Module Class Suffix: Enter the suffix for the CSS class of this module, for example: .moduletable-wrapper. In this example, the -wrapper is the suffix. This suffix class must currently be in the template CSS Style file. This allows individual CSS classes to be applied to certain modules independent of the site's default Template CSS classes.

URL: Enter the URL (hyperlink) of the web site, internal web page, or application that is to be displayed within the Wrapper Module.

Scroll Bars: Select the No, Yes, or Auto radio button to set whether scroll bars will be available within the Wrapper itself. Without them larger pages can be navigated by the use of the keyboard directional arrows, but this is not so user friendly or intuitive. Set to No the scroll bars will not be available whether they are needed or not. Set to Yes they will always appear irrespective of whether they are needed or not. Set to Auto Joomla! will decide when it is necessary to display the scroll bars.

Width: Enter the width of the Wrapper display. This may either be entered as a percentage of the available space, for example 80% (eighty percent) or as an absolute width for example, 600px (pixels).

Height:Enter the height of the Wrapper display. This may either be entered as a percentage of the available space, for example 80% (eighty percent) or as an absolute height for example, 600px (pixels).

Auto Height: Select No or Yes to set whether the height of the Wrapper will be determined automatically by Joomla! to best fit the situation. This setting is only applicable to web pages and applications that are an integral part of this web site.

Auto Add: Select No or Yes to set whether Joomla! will automatically enter the http:// suffix to all URL's entered above. If set to Yes it will do this if the http:// or https:// suffix is not found.

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