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Language Manager


The Language Manager displays a list of the Languages available for the Front-end of the Joomla! web site.  These Languages apply to the Joomla! core only and may not affect any Components, Modules, or Mambots that may be in use.  A Language is only available to Users if it is published.


  Language Manager Toolbar

Publish:  To publish a Language, select the radio button next to the name of the Language and click the Publish icon.

New: Click the New icon to upload and install a new Language to the Language Manager. The Install new Language - Site screen will be displayed.

Edit: Click the name of the Language, or select the radio button next to the name, and click the Edit icon. This opens the selected Language file in the Language Editor where it is possible to edit the phrases and the wording of particular screen labels, references, and messages of the selected Language.

Delete: To delete a Language, select the radio button next to the name of the Language to be deleted and click the Delete icon. A pop up dialogue box will appear requesting a confirmation of the required delete operation. Click the OK button to delete the Language, and the Language file will be deleted from the server, or select the Cancel to abort the delete operation.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.

Column Headings:

Language: This column shows the names of the Languages installed on this web site.

Published: This column shows which of the installed Languages are published.

Version: This column shows the version number of the Language file.

Date: This column shows the date the Language file was created.

Author: This column shows the author of the Language file.

Author Email: This column shows the Language file author's e-mail address, if available.

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