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module_positions Module Positions Display
Module Positions Module Positions Display


The Module Positions screen controls the details of the Module Positions that have been used in a template. A copy of the corresponding Preview In-Line with Positions screen is included in the above screenshots to allow a direct comparison of how the information in the Module Positions screen actually relates to the resulting Site Template.


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Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current editing session and returns the display to the Template Manager [ Site ] screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost.

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#: This is simply an indexing number inserted by Joomla! for ease of reference. It has no particular bearing on the use of the Module Position screen. Numbering extends from 1 to 50.

Position: The default Module Positions are already entered and in general it is unlikely that these would need to be changed. Should it be required to create new Positions that do not pre-exist in the default Joomla! setup it is simply a matter of adding a new name for a Module Position and a description (if required).

To create a corresponding new Module Position in the template, insert the following basic code into the template at the appropriate point in the template file, together with the associated HTML code that creates the position itself.

<?php mosLoadModules ( 'position' ); ?>

The word position is to be changed to whichever position is defined on the Module Positions screen.

Description: The Description fields are optional. Their purpose is to record useful information that may be of use at a later date when the template layout is not quite as fresh in the mind as it might have been!

note711_smallNOTE: It is not possible to do justice to the full process of Template creation and editing in this Help Screen. Further detail should be sought out before attempting any alterations. For more advanced techniques, see the the Developer Manual.

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