[REVIEW] database->loadObject

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Loads an object with fields from the first row returned by the current SQL query. If an object is passed as a parameter the fields of the row are bound to it and the updated object is returned.


boolean loadObject ( object &$bind_object )

is the object that will be updated from the first row returned by the SQL query. If $bind_object is null then loadObject will create an object containing all fields from the first row of the SQL query.


Example: In this example we allow loadObject to create an object for us.

function getUser() {
  global $database;
  $sql = 'SELECT * FROM #__users';
  $database->setQuery( $sql );
  $user = NULL;
  $database->loadObject( $user );
  echo "Name: $user->name\n";
  echo "Username: $user->username\n";

might produce:

Name: Administrator
Username: admin

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Last Updated ( Monday, 25 December 2006 )