[REVIEW] database->loadObjectList

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Returns an array of database objects using the current SQL query.  Returns false if the query fails (prior to Joomla 1.1 returned null).


array loadObjectList ( [ string $key ] )

is the field name of a primary key. If $key is empty or null then loadObjectList will return a sequential list of the records returned by the database query. If $key is not empty or null then the array returned will be indexed by the value of the database key. This parameter is optional and if omitted will default to null (empty prior to Joomla 1.1).



function getCategories() {
  global $database;
  $sql = 'SELECT * FROM #__categories';
  $database->setQuery( $sql );
  $rows = $database->loadObjectList();
  foreach ( $rows as $row ) {
    echo "$row->title: $row->description\n";

might produce:

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