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Updates a database table row using data contained in an object.  Returns false if the update failed; otherwise it returns the updated table row.


object updateObject ( string $table, object &$object, string $keyname [, boolean $updateNulls ] )

is the name of the database table.
is an object containing the database fields to be updated.
is the primary keyname of the database table.
is a flag.  If true then object attributes that are null will overwrite the corresponding database fields.  If false then null object attributes are ignored.


Example: In this example the function newUser is called to create a record in the Joomla users table, then the function updateUser is called to update one of its fields.

// Create new row in users table and return the unique id allocated
// if successful or false otherwise.
function newUser( $name ) {
  global $database;
  $user = new stdClass;
  $user->id = NULL;
  $user->name = $name;
  if (!$database->insertObject( '#__users', $user, 'id' )) {
    echo $database->stderr();
    return false;
  return $user->id;
// Update an existing user record.
function updateUser( $id, $username ) {
  global $database;
  $user = new stdClass;
  $user->id = $id;
  $user->username = $username;
  if (!$database->updateObject( '#__users', $user, 'id' )) {
    echo $database->stderr();
    return false;
$id = newUser( 'Linus Torvalds');
updateUser( $id, 'linus' );

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