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Generic check-in function.  This method may be overloaded/supplemented by the child class as required.

Clears the checked_out flag and resets the checked_out_time field to the null date/time. The database table must contain a checked_out field otherwise this function will return false. If the check-in cannot be performed then this method returns false and an error message can be obtained by calling the mosDBTable->getError function.

Before calling this method you should first determine whether the record has been checked out by another user. From Joomla 1.0 onwards this can be done using the mosDBTable->isCheckedOut method.

This method is called automatically by the mosDBTable->save method.

See also the mosDBTable->checkout method.


boolean checkin ( [ int $id ] )

The primary key index for the current record. If null then the most recently used value for the primary key will be used.  This parameter is optional and if omitted will default to null.


Example: In this example the mosCategory record with record id 1 (as checked out by the example shown for mosDBTable->checkout) is checked in.

global $database, $my;
// Declare an instance of the mosCategory class.
$cat = new mosCategory( $database );
// Load record with primary key id 1.
$uid = 1;
if (!$cat->load( $uid )) {
  echo "Cannot load category record $uid: " . $database->stderr();
// Show some fields from this record.
echo "<br />";
echo "Title: $cat->title<br />";
echo "Description: $cat->description<br />";
echo "Checked out: $cat->checked_out<br />";
echo "Checked out time: $cat->checked_out_time<br />";
// Check the record back in again.
echo "<br />";
if (!$my->id) {
  echo "You must be logged in to check in an item.<br />";
} else {
  echo "Checking in category record $uid<br />";
  if (!$cat->checkin( $uid )) {
    echo "Cannot checkin record $uid: " . $cat->getError();
  } else {
    echo "<br />";
    $cat->load( $uid );
    echo "Checked out: $cat->checked_out<br />";
    echo "Checked out time: $cat->checked_out_time<br />";

Which would output something like this:

Title: Latest
Description: The latest news from the Joomla! Team
Checked out: 62
Checked out time: 2005-10-28 16:47:56

Checking in category record 1

Checked out: 0
Checked out time: 0000-00-00 00:00:00

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