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Returns the value of an object property. This method should be used in preference to directly referring to an objects' properties. Returns null if the object has no property of the name given. See also mosDBTable->set.


mixed get ( string $property )

is the name of the object property.


Example: This example retrieves some fields from a Joomla! user record.

global $database;
// Declare an instance of the mosUser class.
$user = new mosUser( $database );
// Load user record with primary key id 62;
$uid = 62;
if (!$user->load( $uid )) {
  echo "Cannot load user id $uid: " . $database->stderr();
// Show some of the fields retrieved.
echo 'Name: '     . $user->get( 'name' )     . "\n";
echo 'Username: ' . $user->get( 'username' ) . "\n";
echo 'Usertype: ' . $user->get( 'usertype' ) . "\n";

which might output:

Name: Joe Bloggs
Username: jbloggs
Usertype: Registered

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