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Generic publish/unpublish function.  Returns true if successful; false otherwise.  If returning false then an error message can be retrieved using the mosDBTable->getError function.

Note: In Joomla! 1.0.4 this method does not return a boolean and so it is not possible to determine if the method succeeded or not.


boolean publish_array ( array $id [, int $publish [, int $myid ]] )

is an array of primary keys for records to be published or unpublished.  If the array is empty then publish_array will return false.
is 0 to unpublish or 1 to publish.  This parameter is optional and if omitted will default to 1 (publish).
is the id of the user performing the operation.  This parameter is optional and if omitted will default to 0.


Example: In this example menu records with particular item id's are unpublished.

global $database, $my;
// Declare an instance of the menu class.
$menu = new mosMenu( $database );
// Create an array of record id's to be unpublished.
$idarray = array( 2, 3, 5 );
// Unpublish the menu records with these id's.
$menu->publish_array( $idarray, 0, $my->id );

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Last Updated ( Monday, 25 December 2006 )