[WORKING] mosDBTable->set

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Sets the value of an object property. This method should be used in preference to directly setting an objects' properties. See also mosDBTable->get.


void set ( string $property, mixed $value )

is the name of the object property.
is the new value to be given to the object property.


Example: This example uses the myTable class defined on the mosDBTable class overview page.

// Declare an instance of the myTable class.
$myTbl = new myTable( $database );
// Load record with primary key id=17.
$uid = 17;
$myTbl->load( $uid );
// Update some fields in the table row.
$myTbl->set( 'title', 'The title' );
$myTbl->set( 'published', true );
// Save the updated record.

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