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Generic function that tests if the current item is checked out. This method may be overridden/supplemented by the child class as required.

This method was introduced in Joomla 1.0.

See also the mosDBTable->checkin and mosDBTable->checkout methods.


boolean isCheckedOut ( [ int $user_id ] )

is an optional user id. If omitted (or zero) this function will return true if the current item is checked out or false if not. If a user id is specified then this function will only return true if the current item is checked out by a different user.


global $database, $my;
// Declare an instance of the mosCategory class.
$cat = new mosCategory( $database );
// Load record with primary key id 1.
$uid = 1;
if (!$cat->load( $uid )) {
  echo "Cannot load category record $uid: " . $database->stderr();
// Show some fields from this record.
echo "<br />";
echo "Title: $cat->title<br />";
echo "Description: $cat->description<br />";
// Check to see if the record has already beend checked out by someone else.
if ($cat->isCheckedOut( $my->id )) {
  echo "Record $uid is checked out by another user.<br />";
} else {
  echo "Record $uid is not checked out.<br />";

Which might output something like this:

Title: Latest
Description: The latest news from the Joomla! Team
Record 1 is not checked out.

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