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menu=>Components=>Banners=>Banner Manager


Administrator Module=>Components Tab=>Banner Manager

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Administrator; Super Administrator.


Banner Manager


The Banner Manager shows the details for the current list of active (both Published and Unpublished) Banner graphics within the web site. It also provides access to add new or edit existing Banners and their details.



Upload: To upload a file from a local computer click the Upload icon. A small pop up dialogue window will appear. To trace the file to be Uploaded click on the Browse button. This will open the File Upload dialogue window. Navigate to the location of the desired file on the local hard drive. Select the file and click the Open button. The dialogue window will disappear and the path to, and name of, the file will appear in the File Upload field. Click the Upload button to complete the transfer of a copy of the file from the local computer to the joomla_root/images/banners directory tree in the case of images. Other file types are copied to the joomla_root/media/ directory tree.

note711_small NOTE: There is usually an upper limit to the size of files that can be uploaded within the web server itself. This limit is set in the PHP configuration file (php.ini) and may differ between web servers and web hosts. The limit cannot be altered from within Joomla!. Some hosting companies do not allow the limit to be altered at all!

To allow larger files to be uploaded it will probably be necessary to increase the upload_max_filesize and the post_max_size settings.

For very large files it may also be necessary to increase the max_execution_time and the memory_limit settings. Alternatively it may be necessary to use an external program (FTP) to upload the files.

Publish: Check the check box next to the Banner that is to be Published (displayed). Multiple Banners may be selected. Then click the Publish icon.

Unpublish: Check the check box next to the Banner that is to be Unpublished (not displayed). Multiple Banners may be selected. Then click the Unpublish icon. Unpublishing a Banner does not delete it.

Delete: To delete a Banner, check the check box next to the name of the Banner to be deleted and click the Delete icon. A pop up dialogue box will appear requesting a confirmation of the required delete operation. Click the OK button to delete the Banner, and the Banner file will be permanently deleted from the server (unlike the Trash function Items that are deleted do not get placed in the Trash Manager). Select the Cancel button to abort the delete operation.

Upon completing the deletion - or cancelling the action - the administrator will return to the Banner Manager screen. It is possible to delete more than one Banner at a time simply by checking more than one check box.

Edit: Check the check box next to the Banner that is to be edited. Click the Edit icon to edit the details and parameters of an existing Banner. The Banner: Edit screen will open.

New: Click the New icon to create a new Banner . The Banner: New screen will open.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.


#: This is simply an indexing number automatically inserted by Joomla! for ease of reference. It has no particular bearing on the use of the Banner Manager.

Check Box: The column of check boxes are the means by which individual Banners are selected before clicking one of the appropriate icons in the Toolbar. Single Items can also be opened, for editing, by clicking upon the Banner Name.

note711_small NOTE: A checked_outpadlock icon replacing the Check box next, to the Banner Name, shows that the item is already checked-out. To check the Banner back in, click the name to continue editing, followed by the Save icon to keep any changes or Cancel icon to discard the same. Super Administrators can also click the menu=>System=>Global Checkin function.

warning_711_smallWARNING: This will close all open Items for the whole web site not just the single item currently under review. Any Content of other Users not already saved will be lost.

Banner Name: This is the name given to the Banner when it was being created.

Published: The icons in this column identify the current publication status of a particular Banner, as follows

  • The publish_g Published icon identifies that a Banner is published. Clicking this icon will unpublish the Banner.
  • The publish_x Unpublished icon identifies that a Banner is unpublished. Clicking this icon will publish the Banner.

Impressions Made: This column provides a count of the total number of times that the Banner in question has appeared on the web site since it was first created,

Impressions Left: This column provides a count of the total number of the number of times a Banner will be displayed remain before the current 'contract' expires. This is only relevant when a particular Client has purchased a set number of impressions for their Banner. Alternatively, this column may show Unlimited when there is no limit on the number of times the Banner will appear in the rotation of the Banners in the Banner Module.

The number of impressions is set in the Impressions Purchased field in Banner: Edit or Banner: New screens as appropriate.

Clicks: This column shows the total number of clicks that have been made on the Banner, or since the counter was reset.

% Clicks: This column shows the percentage of all the clicks that were made on a Banner in relation to the number of Impressions that have taken place. For example, if there have been a total of 73 Impressions made, and there have only been 8 clicks on the Banner, the percentage is calculated (by Joomla! thankfully) as 8 divided by 73 multiplied by 100 equals 10.95 %.

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