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Super Administrator.


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Private Messaging - Display Private Messaging - View


The Private Messaging Inbox displays any messages that other administrators or Joomla! itself have sent to the Super Administrator, and permits the Super Administrator to send messages to other administrators.


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Private Messaging Private Messaging - Read

Delete: To delete a message, check the check-box to the name of the message to be deleted and click the Delete icon. It is possible to delete more than one message at a time simply by clicking more than one check box. Clear all messages by clicking the check box in the column header and clicking the Delete icon.

New: Click the New icon to create a new message to an administrator.

Cancel: Clicking Cancel at any point ends the current editing session and returns the display to the Private Messaging screen. Any changes made since the session commenced will be lost.

Reply: In order to reply to a message, click the Subject of the message in the Private Messaging screen and the View Private Message screen opens. Click Reply to then open the New Message screen, but with the To: and Subject fields already populated.

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.

Column Headings:

#: This is simply an indexing number automatically inserted by Joomla! for ease of reference. It has no particular bearing on the use of Private Messaging.

Check Box: The column of check boxes are the means by which individual items to be deleted are selected before clicking the Delete icon in the Toolbar.

Subject: This column displays the Subject the System or an Administrator has added to the particular message. [Re] as a prefix to the message indicates it is a continuation of a previous exchange of messages and is added by Joomla! when the sender has simply replied to a previous message.

 note icon NOTE: To view a message click on the message Subject.

From: This column displays the name of the sender of the message.

Date: This column displays the date the message was submitted upon.

Read: This column displays which of the messages, currently in the Inbox, have been Read or are Unread.


Search: Allows the Subject of the various messages to be searched for a particular word or phrase.

note icon NOTE: Individual administrators can access their Private Message Inbox by clicking on the mail_ic Incoming Message icon on the Information Bar at the top of the Administrator.

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