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Welcome to the first world-wide Joomla! Doc Camp. Following on from the huge success of the Joomla! 1.5 bug squashing event, please join us for a weekend of authoring at locations around the planet. We have tasks for everyone; coders and non-coders alike. Our aim is to dramatically increase the volume of documentation available for Joomla! 1.5.

This wiki will be used as the central resource for coordinating efforts and accumulating results from this event. After the event it will become a new central hub for the official Joomla! documentation.


North America

Vancouver, Canada 9AM to 6PM PST (GMT -8) on 19 January 2008. <countdown time="01/19/2008 9:00 AM UTC-0800"> Thanks to everyone in Vancouver for your efforts.</countdown>


Brussels, Belgium 10AM to 7PM CET (GMT +1) on 21 January 2008. <countdown time="01/21/2008 10:00 AM UTC+0100"> Thanks to everyone in Brussels for your efforts.</countdown>


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Freenode channel #joomladocs from 19 to 21 January 2008, all times, all timezones.

This channel is available now and throughout the event.


for write access to this wiki

To get write access to this wiki you will need to register here first. Please be aware that the registration process requires a valid email address. If you are travelling to one of the physical locations you are advised to ensure that you have registered on this wiki and have a valid login before you travel. You don't need access to your email account after registration.

at a physical location

If you wish to be present at one of the physical locations listed above then you must register in advance as space is limited. Registrations are the responsibility of the individual location organisers and you should click on the appropriate link above for more information.


Where to go next

Doc Campers Start Here

Once you have read the above then please click the link below to begin:

Doc Campers Start Here



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