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Welcome to the coordination page for all Joomla! documentation sprints. Besides events such as a dedicated Joomla Doc Sprints, documentation sprints can be included at Code Sprints, Pizza, Bugs & Fun and other similar events where working to improve Joomla documentation is encouraged and welcomed.

Please join us for these documentation events at locations around the planet and/or virtually. We have tasks for everyone; coders, non-coders and documentation translators. Our aim is to dramatically improve the quality of documentation available for Joomla! users and developers.


Upcoming Events

Here is a list of our upcoming events. Please feel free to add to this list in a recent to last order by date of event.

None (planning underway)

Events Quickstart Links


for write access to this wiki

To get write access to this wiki you will need to register here first. Please be aware that the registration process requires a valid email address. If you are travelling to a physical location for an event you are advised to register on this wiki and have a valid login before you travel. You will need to access your email account after registration and confirm your email address to enable editing privileges.

at a physical location

If you wish to be present at one of the physical locations listed for an event then you must see the event for more details on registration. Registrations are the responsibility of the individual location organisers and you should click on the appropriate link located on the event page for more information.


Where to go next

Doc Sprinters, On Your Mark, Get Set...

Once you have read the above then please click the link to Joomla doc sprinter.png GO!

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