How to Access

Navigate to the Web Link Category Manager. To add a new Web Link Category, and click the "New" icon in the toolbar. To edit an existing Web Link Category, click the Category's Name, or check the Category's checkbox and press the "Edit" icon in the toolbar.


This is where you can add a new Web Link Category or edit an existing one. Note that you need to create at least one Web Link Category before you can create a Web Link. Also, Web Link Categories are separate from other types of Categories, such as those for Articles, Banners, and News Feeds.


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Publishing Options

Basic Options

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Metadata Options

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Category Permissions

This section is where you can view and edit permissions for items that are part of this category.

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The tree on the left represents the user groups that have been defined for your Joomla! site, while the right part displays permissions for the currently selected group, and lets you edit those permissions:


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

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