This screen is accessed from the back-end Joomla! administrator panel. It is used to enable/disable/uninstall extensions that are installed in your Joomla! installation. Some examples of extensions are plug-ins, components, and site templates.

How to Access


This screen allows you to Enable/Disable extensions. To Enable/Disable an extension is the same as to Publish/Unpublish it. In addition you can uninstall extensions from this screen as well.


Help16-extension manager-manage-screen.png

Column Headers

List Filters

The list of extensions which appears on this screen may be very large. You can use one of the available filters or any combination of them to limit the number of extensions displayed to just the extensions which match your filter parameters.

Filter by Partial Name

Help16-extension manager-manage-filter-name.png

If you have a large number of extensions in the list, you can use this filter to find the desired extension(s) quickly. Enter either all or part of the extension name and press 'Search' to display the matching extensions. For example, "joom" will match all extension names with the word "Joomla!" in them. This filter is not case-sensitive.

Hide Protected Extensions

Help16-extension manager-manage-filter-protected.png

Check this checkbox to hide extensions which are protected.

Filter by Extension Type, Plug-in Folder, and Extension Client

Help16-extension manager-manage-filter-types.png


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

Help16-extension manager-manage-toolbar.png

Links to Other Screens

At the top left, you will see the following five links:

Help16-extension manager-manage-menu.png

Quick Tips