How to Access

Navigate to the Module Manager. To create a new Module, press the "New" button on the toolbar. To edit an existing Module, click on the Module Name or click on the Module's checkbox and press the Edit button on the toolbar.


This is where you create new Modules or edit existing Modules. This screen has two links in the upper left: Site and Administrator. The Site link is selected by default. The Site link allows you to work with Modules that will be visible on your web site's Front-end. This is where you will place most of your Modules.

The Administrator link allows you to work with Modules that show on your web site's Back-end. In many cases, it is not necessary to modify the back-end Modules for Joomla!. All of the standard Joomla! administrator functions are available with no modifications here. You only need to make changes here if you want to change the standard administrator functions.

When you create a new Module, you will select the Module Type. This will determine what type of content this Module can display. If you edit an existing Module, the Module Type will already be determined. Note that you cannot change the Module Type of an existing Module.

For detailed information about each Module type for your web site, see the Modules Site screen. For detailed information about modifying the Modules for the back end of your site, see Modules Administrator.

All Modules have two sections that are the same: Details and Menu Assignment. The Parameters are different for each Module Type.


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Enter the desired level using the drop-down list box.

Menu Assignment

This is where you tell Joomla! which pages to show this Module on. This Module will show on the page when this Menu Item is selected. If the Menu Item allows the user to navigate to sub-pages, then this Module will also show on these sub-pages. For example, if the Menu item is a Blog Layout, the Module will also show when the user clicks on a "Read more..." link, an Article Link, or a Page Navigation link from that Blog Layout.


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