In the backend of Joomla! use either Menus -> Menu Manager or the icon Menus from the controlpanel.


Menus allow a user to navigate through the site. A menu is an object which contains one or more menu items. Each menu item points to a logical page on the site. A menu module is required to place the menu on the page. One menu can have more than one module. For example, one module might show only the first level menu items and a second module might show the level 2 menu items.

The process for adding a menu to the site is normally as follows:

  1. Create a new menu (using this screen).
  2. Create one or more new menu items on the menu. Each menu item will have a specific menu item type.
  3. Create one or more menu modules to display the menu on the site. When you create the modules, you will select which menu items (pages) the modules will show on.


Menu manager 16.png

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At the top right you will see the toolbar:

Menu-manager-toolbar 16.jpg

The functions are:

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