How to access

To edit an existing user, navigate to the User Manager (Users → User Manager). Then

  1. click on the name of the user or
  2. click on the check box for the user and click on the Edit button.

To create a new user,

  1. select Users → User Manager → Add New User from the menu or
  2. click on the New button in the User Manager.


In this screen, you have the ability to create a new user (if you clicked on the 'New' button in the User Manager), or edit an existing user (if you selected a user and clicked on the 'Edit' button in the User Manager, or clicked on the name of a user).


Add/Edit User Screen

User Fields

Account Details

Assigned User Groups

Basic Settings


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

New/Edit User Toolbar

The functions are:

Quick tips

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