Welcome to the Joomla! 1.5 Template Tutorials Project. Here you will find information about how we are going about writing these fabulous new tutorials. If you would like to volunteer to lend us a hand then please send an email to Chris Davenport.

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New or potential contributors to this project should read the Introduction to the Template Tutorials Project. The process of writing the new template tutorials is also an experiment in single source modular documentation. The idea is that we write the material in "fragments" or "chunks" which can be re-used in a variety of contexts. In order for this to work, we need to write the chunks in a context-free manner so that they can be assembled into different output documents in any sequence. In other words we need to ensure that each chunk still makes sense even when taken out of context.

The following is the current Table of Contents for the Template Tutorials:

How to do stuff

Stuff you need to refer to

Content Categories

The following sections on this page list category pages for all the principal categories required for the Template Tutorials Project. You can use these pages to help you find a suitable module to include (or rather transclude) into a compound document. You can't create new chunk pages using these pages.

Contents by Chunk Type

Secondary chunks are always included into primary chunks. They are never used directly. Secondary chunks can be constructed separately, although they don't have to be. For example, figures will probably be constructed using a separate graphics package and may well be produced by a graphic artist working independently within the documentation team. Secondary chunks can be re-used within different primary chunks. Documents are assembled from primary chunks only; secondary chunks must be integrated into primary chunks before they are used.

Contents by User Experience Level

Contents by Joomla! Resource Type