How to Access

Select Content → Front Page Manager from the drop-down menu in the back-end of your Joomla! installation. You can also click on the "Front Page Manager" icon in the Control Panel.


The Front Page Manager is the place where you control which Articles are displayed on the Front Page and in what order they are displayed. The Front Page is often the Home page of a web site, but it can be any page in the site. The Front Page is created using a Menu Item with the Front Page layout.


Front page manager.png

Column Headers

Click on the column heading to sort the list by that column's value.

Article published.png
You can toggle the Published state on and off by clicking on the icon in this column. A status of Pending means that an Article's Start Publishing Date is in the future. You can hover on the icon to see an Article's Start and Stop Publishing dates.
You can change an item's Access Level by clicking on the icon in the column.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

Front page toolbar.png

The functions are:

List Filters

Filter by Partial Title

You can filter the list of items either by entering in part of the title or the ID number. You can also select a combination of Section, Category, Author, and Published State.

Filter by Section, Category, Author, Published State

In the area in the upper right, above the column headings, there are 4 drop-down list boxes as shown below:

Article manager filter2.png

The selections may be combined. Only items matching all selections will display in the list.

  1. Change the filter to Trashed. The Delete icon will now show in the toolbar.
  2. Select the items you want to permanently delete.
  3. Click on the Delete icon.
You can see all items, regardless of their published state, by selecting All for this filter. You can also re-publish Trashed items by selecting them and clicking on the Publish icon in the toolbar.

Quick Tips

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